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     99 Asahigaoka Meito-Ku Nagoya Aichi Japan 〒465-0041

☎  052-776-0110 (+81 52 776 0110)  FAX 052-776-0340 (+81 52 776 0340) 


How to make an appointment

  Please make an appointment on the phone 052-776-0110 .

Tell us your child information on the phone

           * Name                                         
           * Patient ID No (after the secoud  visit)
           * Tell us your request to the doctor
               □ Consultation/ □ Immunization/  □ Health Check up   
                                      Things to bring to clinic                                  

*Patient ID Card
                 after the secoud  visit
           *Insurance Card
                         We need to check the card at the first visit of each month.
         *Child allowances
                   Child allowances are provided for people raising children
                who have not yet finished junior high school.
                For more information please contact your ward office.             

                Medical expenses are about 5,000 - 10,000yen at first.


                            Kuniaki Sasaki.M.D. 
                                                                             The Chief Physician  
                           Tomoaki Sasaki.M.D. 
                                                                              The Sub-Chief Physician  

                          Ayano Fujita.M.D.          The Staff doctor on duty on Wednesday                

                        Monday        9:00-12:00/ 15:00-18:00              (Dr. K.Sasaki and Dr.T.Sasaki)

                      Tuesday          9:00 12:00/ 15:40-18:00               (Dr. K.Sasaki and Dr.T.Sasaki)

                     Wednesday    10:40-12:00                                     (Dr. K.Sasaki and Dr. A.Fujita)

                      Thursday         9:00-11:30                                     (Dr. N.Nakamjura and Dr.T.Sasaki)

                      Friday              9:00- 12:00/ 15:40-18:00              (Dr. K.Sasaki and Dr.T.Sasaki)

                      Saturday          9:00-12:00                                     (Dr. K.Sasaki and Dr.T.Sasaki)

              Tuesday        15:00 - 15:40      18:00 - 18:15      
                    Thursday       12:00 - 12:30
                    Friday            15:00 - 15:40          18:00 - 18:15     

                      Bring Immunization Record/ Cash/ Health handbook for mother and children (If you have)

  Health Check Up

                 Wednesday .9:00~10:30

                       Bring Health hand book for mother and children and cash 3,500yen.
                       If you have the health check up slip, you'll be free before the day before 1 year old.
                       Please contact your ward office for more information.

Before starting the consultation of your child.
          Questions for prevention of Covid19 infection.                  

             Check if the answer is yes、please wait in the car.
             The staff will call you when it's your turn.
             Please enter through the door on the left.                                

□ Today’s body temperature is higher than 38.0’C

□ Did you enter Nagoya city from overseas within 2 weeks ?

□ Is anyone in the family sick now ?